Matric Numbers for 2016/2017 Fees Defaulters

Matric Numbers for 2016/2017 Fees Defaulters
 \  Matric Numbers for 2016/2017 Fees Defaulters

Matric Numbers for 2016/2017 Fees Defaulters

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    7:49 pm - 28th May 2018

The 2016/2017 school fees defaulters who have paid their outstanding fees can now login with their Registration/Application number and password to print their Course Registration Forms that will show the newly assigned Matric number.

However, the newly assigned Matric Numbers are listed below;


17/VOL.08/HND/PA/EN/01653  –      2016/HND/PAD/790

17/VOL.04/HND/PA/JM/02124 – 2016/HND/PAD/791

17/VOL.04/HND/LIS/DK/02044 – 2016/HND/LIS/127

17/VOL.04/HND/LIS/KNE/03238 – 2016/HND/LIS/125

17/VOL.04/HND/LIS/OF/03962 – 2016/HND/LIS/126

17/VOL.08/HND/STA/AN/03689 – 2016/HND/STA/071

17/VOL.01/HND/STA/GLM/02464 – 2016/HND/STA/072

17/VOL.01/HND/STA/DK/04244 – 2016/HND/STA/073

17/VOL.01/HND/STA/OF/01095 – 2016/HND/STA/074

17/VOL.04/HND/OTM/OGM/01615 – 2016/HND/OTM/192

17/VOL.05/HND/AID/KBA/02194 – 2016/HND/IDD/GRA/004

17/VOL.02/HND/GPH/MPA/02686 – 2016/HND/IDD/GRA/005

17/VOL.02/HND/GPH/BS/01378 – 2016/HND/IDD/GRA/003

17/VOL.04/HND/BUS/BS/00843 – 2016/HND/BUS/719


18/VOL.06/HND/MRE/OF/00924 – 2017/MRE/HME/009

18/VOL.08/HND/FAP/IM/00207 – 2017/HND/AI/001
18/VOL.12/HND/FAC/JM/03108 – 2017/HND/AI/002
18/VOL.02/HND/GPH/JM/00500 – 2017/HND/AI/003



66527502DI  –  2016/ND/PAD/654

66369985AF  – 2016/ND/PAD/657

66370020JE  – 2016/ND/PAD/658

66371188IC  – 2016/ND/PAD/659

65223287JB  – 2016/ND/PAD/660

65307719GC – 2016/ND/PAD/661

66165404CJ  – 2016/ND/BLD/033

16/PND2ND/OTM/022  – 2016/ND/OTM/239

65309746JC (Deferred Admission) – 2017/ND/BUS/1010



The Matric Numbers are assigned after the verification of payment.

You can always send your complaints to the e-mail address below;



Michael Sunday M.

Head, ICT Edu-Portal


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